The Loop Collection
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The new collection from Maria Black, named The Loop, celebrates life, love, death and everything in between. Indulge in elegant and delicate, yet dramatic and attention drawing fine jewelry with flashes of diamonds representing those momentary glimpses of sun when opening your eyes along the ride. 

Meet the Dream Catcher, Loop, Spiral, Twister, Fury Twirl, Mad Mouse, Skyrush, Sea Viper, The Racer, Abyss and Galaxy Spin. Each style is named after a roller coaster somewhere in the world.


"My favourite moment was creating the Dream Catcher earring. When that came together I fell instantly in love with it.

With all design it is about dimensions, curves and lines coming together in a shape that just talks to you. That was exactly what the Dream Catcher earring did. "

Maria Black


Talking about her distinct choice of materials, Maria Black explains how

“gold is warmth, it is the sun, and it is the colour of the ring your grandmother wore. It is decadent, enduring, and a statement and for better and worse it has been the favourite currency of mankind since the crack of dawn.”


Life is a roller coaster. Sometimes you scream with joy. Seconds before your heart is in your throat and you’re scared to move. Though you would like to do another ride straight away. There is a certain thrill of entering the creaking centuries old roller coaster, of moving up the steep slopes, around the sudden bends and a slight relief when it is all over.